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Jet Fuel
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Serving the Airline Industry
Flint Hills Resources has been a valued supplier to the airline industry for many years. Flint Hills Resources is proud of its long history of service to this industry.

Product Quality
Jet Fuel is a highly refined kerosene petroleum distillate that meets demanding ASTM D-1655 specifications for jet fuel. Important features of our Jet A product include:

  • Excellent low temperature flow properties: freeze point <-40 F; proper low temperature viscosity for pumpability
  • Combustion efficiency: burns efficiently and cleanly
  • Energy Content: provides turbine power and efficient energy storage
  • Stability: passes stringent jet fuel stability requirements
  • Cleanliness: delivered pure and free of rust, water and sediment
  • Water separability: excellent water shedding properties

Jet A batches are certified by rigid laboratory standards and samples are tested and approved at strategic locations in the distribution system to provide quality assurance.

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